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Ripstop Vs Canvas Fabric: Which Is More Suitable For Workwear?

Jun. 09, 2021

Ripstop Vs Canvas Fabric: Which Is More Suitable For Workwear?

The choice between ripstop vs canvas fabric can be tricky, because both sound very durable. Yes, both can be used as work clothes. But there is a significant difference between canvas and ripstop fabric. How do you know if ripstop or canvas is better for you?

Both the ripstop fabric and canvas fabric are durable enough for work wear. Canvas fabric is heavier and more durable. Ripstop provides a lighter alternative, more breathable, and more suitable for work in hot weather.

Canvas fabric is made of cotton and is very hard. Due to this heavy and tough texture, it provides excellent wear resistance. But the breathability of canvas fabric is not very good, it is very painful to wear in summer.

Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric

Ripstop fabric is usually made of nylon, but in work clothes, you will occasionally see cotton ripstop pants. Nylon ripstop is the most popular, it is very thin and very light.

No, it cannot withstand shocks like canvas fabric, but the design of the ripstop fabric is that although it is thin and light, it can resist tearing. Ripstop fabric allows you to penetrate thin fabrics in hot weather, at least providing some resistance to tearing.

Canvas is undoubtedly a stronger and tougher fabric. But considering the breathability, in many cases, ripstop fabric is more meaningful, not only at work, but also for activities such as hiking.

Of course, canvas is strong enough for hiking, but it is hard, heavy and hot. The ripstop fabric is lightweight, breathable, and still gives you some protection against brushes and debris. At work, when you choose between ripstop fabric and canvas fabric, you need to decide whether you need a super strong (canvas) or a more breathable (ripstop).

Canvas vs Ripstop Fabric

Advantages on the canvas

Canvas is a heavyweight boxer. It is very hard, and this hard texture means it can withstand blows without relaxing.

But this toughness brings rigidity. Yes, canvas fabrics will break over time (you can buy pre-washed canvas and feel broken), but many types of canvas pants and jackets will feel stiff.

Advantages of ripstop

Ripstop is a lightweight alternative canvas. In many ways, it is not like canvas. It doesn't feel hard, it's not made of cotton, it's not heavy or hot. But one of its similarities is that it prevents tears.

When to choose Ripstop or Canvas

Which is better in winter?

Canvas pants will give you more warmth and help retain heat. It is easy to win for me. You can buy warm canvas pants to keep you warm.

Which is better in summer?

Ripstop. As we have already discussed, it is lighter and more breathable than canvas. Many ripstop pants are used to absorb sweat.

Which is more durable?

Canvas is more durable than ripstop. Yes, ripstop is used to prevent tearing, but canvas is a stronger fabric.

Which is more flexible?

Ripstop is easier and more flexible than canvas fabric.

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