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Textile industry to resume production, Guangzhou customs area cotton imports soared

Jun. 10, 2020

With the rapid resumption of production of domestic textile industry, the demand for imported cotton has increased greatly. Guangzhou customs implemented the reform measures of "release, control and service", optimized the supervision method of imported cotton, and actively supported the import of cotton and other raw materials. The latest data show that from January to April this year, guangzhou customs inspected 4,627.8 tons of imported cotton, an increase of 1.3 times over the same period last year.

"With the cotton quality certificate and weight certificate issued by the customs, we have more confidence in production."Guangdong yida textile co., LTD. Logistics manager mak zhiwei said that recently, yida textile co., ltd. imported 110.2 tons of cotton, the value of $248,000, to guangzhou customs foshan customs in gaoming office to make an appointment for quality testing and weight identification.After testing and appraisal, foshan customs in gaoming office issued the relevant certificate within 7 working days.

In April this year, the general administration of customs issued notice no. 43, which optimized the way of quality inspection and supervision of imported cotton.At the same time, clear, import cotton consignee or its agent need the customs to issue a weight certificate or quality certificate, can apply to the customs, customs identification or testing after the issue of the law.

"Through the certificate of quality and weight issued by the customs, enterprises can better understand the quality and weight of imported cotton.In case of quality or weight deviation, the certificate can also be used to claim compensation from foreign exporters.""He said.

Clothing textile industry has been one of guangdong traditional advantage industry, to help enterprises fully recover, convenient rapid production enterprises, guangzhou customs to optimize import cotton regulation, at the same time the new cotton sugar content detection project, help enterprise find imported cotton power shortage problem caused by the high sugar content, in a timely manner to the claim.

(source: chinanews.com)

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