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TR Fabric

TR Fabric - Rundong

TR fabric is also known as Terry Rayon fabric, kind of polyester viscose blended fabric. It has excellent characteristic like anti-wrinkle, stable, washable and wearable, which means you don’t have to worry about pilling or static. 

TR Fabric is suitable for uniform in school and office, suits for both ladies and men,business wear, ect.

What the advantages and dis advantages of TR fabric?

Advantages of TR fabric:

1.Due to its low moisture absorption, TR fabric has High strength and better impact strength than nylon or viscose diber!

2.The elasticity of TR fabric is very close to wool, and it can almost be restored to its original shape after Rubbing or stretching by good dimensional stability, and the modulus of elasticity. That also means cheap price and relatively simple daily care and maintenance, which will be more durable than most natural fabrics

3.The TR fabric also has a certain degree of corrosion resistance.This kind of clothes is resistant to rinsing and oxidation.

4.Good water absorption and light resistance which is second only to acrylic fiber.

Disadvantages of TR fabric:

Its feel and touch are not as good as pure cotton. If you can accept it, this would be a good choice!

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