Polyester Canvas Fabric

canvas are with good tear strength which is good for workwear


Product Description

Polyester Canvas Fabric Description

Polyester canvas fabric is the world's largest production and most widely used synthetic fiber variety. It is usually used as a jacket, various smart backpacks and tents. In terms of quality, polyester canvas is very cheap. If we compare it with pure cotton canvas, it is a durable and waterproof fabric with a longer lifespan.

Polyester Canvas Information:

Material: TC 80% Polyester 20 Cotton ; 100% Cotton

Structure: Plain;

Yarn: 321+21*10;

Density: 72*40;

Weight: 255GSM;

Color: Navy, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Khkai, White, Black, Gray,  Customzied

Width: 150CM, 59";

Packing: Neutral, In Roll/In Bolt, Poly bag/Woven bag, Laber Customzied

Roll Length: Customized;

Moq: only one meter

Main prodoucts list:

1.  polyester and cotton twill fabric T/C 80/20 21*21 108*58 190gsm 59"

2. 100% cotton twill fabric 100% cotton 21*21 108*58 190gsm 59"

3.  polyester and cotton twill fabric T/C 80/20 20*16 128*60 235gsm 59"

4.  polyester and cotton twill fabric T/C 65/35 20*16 128*60 235gsm 59"

5.  polyester and cotton twill fabric VC 60/40 20*16 128*60 235gsm 59"

6.  100% cotton twill fabric 100% cotton 20*16 128*60 240gsm 59"

7.  polyester cotton canvas fabric T/C 80/20 21+21*10 72*40 255gsm 59"

8.  polyester cotton brushed canvas fabric T/C 80/20 21+21*10 72*40 255gsm 59"

9. 100% cotton canvas fabric 100% cotton 21/2*10 72*40 250gsm 59"

10. polyester and cotton twill fabric T/C 80/20 16*12 108*56 265gsm 59"

11. 100% cotton twill fabric 100% cotton 16*12 108*56 270gsm 59"

12. polyester and cotton twill fabric T/C 65/35 14*14 80*64 235gsm 59"

13. 100%polyester fabric 100%polyester 300D*16 39*22 225gsm 59"

14. 100%polyester fabric 100%polyester 150D*300D 145gsm 59"

Rundong Advantage

We are the company of high quality fabrics with competitive price, such  as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, T/C65/35, T/C 80/20, CVC 60/40 twill or plain uniform fabrics.  There are over 10billion meters ready goods,more than 500 kinds of colors for reference. We can accept your small quantity order and customized order. And we have have four warehouses in China, so we can guarantee the delivery time.

We can accept your test order and customized full containers order.

FAQ about Polyester Canvas Fabric

Can I paint on polyester canvas?

You can use fabric paint on polyester, but before purchasing the required fuel, please make sure that it can be used on polyester materials to ensure better painting effects.

Is the canvas fabric breathable?

Plain canvas is usually made of cotton, which is light and absorbs moisture, and is relatively breathable. But because of its tight weave, canvas is not the most breathable material, but it is very durable.

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