Keqiao Exhibition


Spring is just right. On April 28, the 2023 China Shaoxing Keqiao International Textile Accessories Expo (Spring) was successfully concluded. For three days, the eyes of textile people all over the world focused on this. As a professional exhibition with a large scale, high level and wide coverage of exhibits in the industry exhibition, this year's Keqiao Spring International Textile Expo will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center with an area of 28,000 square meters and about 1,300 standard booths. The volume shocked the world again. By expanding the core fabric exhibition area, emphasizing the introduction of high-end fabrics, continuing to write the "Digital Textile Expo" brand, highlighting the actual effect of offline docking, expanding the layout of overseas markets, and actively inviting overseas merchants, etc., we have made a new start and gained a lot.
Through this exhibition, Shandong Rundong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. used a special booth of 72 square meters to display new products and best-selling products in 2023, bringing the brand-new Rundong to global merchants, and successfully won the favor of many Chinese and foreign merchants.